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Is there any trial version for BuildAR Pro 2?

Yes. Please go to BuildAR Pro 2 Trial

Does BuildAR Pro software have a separate standalone AR viewer?

Yes. You can load your scene with our free viewer. "BuildAR Viewer" can be downloaded here.

I want to sell a catalogue for a customer can view AR scene on his computer. Is it possible?

BuildAR is a desktop application and does not work in the web browser or over the internet at all. The only solution using BuildAR would be for people to install it and use the viewer to look at a scene. The BuildAR viewer will be available at the end of Oct 2010.

Can I get BuildAR Pro tutorial in Korean version?

Not yet. However, the free BuildAR version has a tutorial pdf file translated in Korean. Please download it from http://www.buildar.co.nz/buildar-free-version/ .

What does term 6 mean in your terms and conditions?

It means HIT Lab NZ can change the price according to the customisation request from the customer.

Do you have an educational version?

Not currently. However, the license price can be negotiated if you buy more than one. Please contact buildar@buildar.org to discuss.

I want to buy more than one license, what should I do?

Please contact us at buildar@buildar.org. If you buy more than one license we can arrange a discounted price.

Can I install the software more than one computer?

If you have purchased a license you can reinstall the software on more than one computer, but if you have bought a single license you can only use it on a single computer at a time.

When is Mac version coming?

There should be a Mac version completed in 2011.


I've been having a problem with loading scenes in BuildAR. When I try to load the scene the program crashes. I'm using Windows 7 OS.

Please check whether you have all the relative AR scene files in one folder. Here is the link for explaining Recommended AR scene folder.

Is BuildAR Pro 2.0 Limited license (Marker-based tracking only) NZD254.15) is the same with BuildAR Pro 1? What is the difference between (including Image-based tracking) and (Marker-based tracking only) ?

BuildAR Pro 2.0 limited license is similar to BuildAR Pro 1. However it's technically BuildAR Pro 2 without saving fuction for image-based tracking. Marker based tracking - you need a specific black square marker to put your 3d model on, Image based tracking - you can put 3D models on any pictures(without the black square marker). You can compare the difference with this video Image based tracking http://www.buildar.co.nz/buildar-pro-2/ Marker based tracking http://www.buildar.co.nz/tutorial/

Can the viewer be setup to autoload the files and goto fullscreen?

It is possible to autoload a scene with the BuildAR Viewer, but the user must manually start the video and put the program into fullscreen mode. To automatically load a scene file when the viewer or editor launches, create a shortcut that points to the executable like so: "C:/path/to/BuildAR Pro/BuildARViewer.exe C:/path/to/SceneFile.scn" Basically if you add the path to a scene file as a parameter to the (viewer or editor) BuildAR executables, they will automatically load the file when they start up.

Can I view my BuildAR scenes on a website using Adobe Flash? Is there a Flash version of the BuildAR Viewer?

BuildAR has many features and performance optimizations that make it unsuitable for compatibility with Flash (swf). BuildAR relies on many external software libraries that allow it to support a wide range of 3D model formats and media types. In addition, it makes use of hardware graphics acceleration, which allows it to support complex AR scenes with many high-polygon models. The Flash-based AR applications that can be seen online are generally not hardware accelerated, so they are limited when it comes to graphics capabilities. The 3D models are relatively simple, and they do not support many markers and models on the screen at once. BuildAR is a desktop application for users who desire high performance, compatibility with a wide range of file formats, and an intuitive, user-friendly design experience.

Does BuildAR support HD (widescreen) resolutions?

Yes, however the BuildAR display resolution depends upon your webcam's video capture capabilities. You will need a HD-ready webcam with the proper drivers installed in order to use the higher resolutions. The Logitech HD Pro C910 Webcam works well for displaying HD video in BuildAR.

Can I save a recorded video of my session with BuildAR to a file?

Yes, you can do this, but not from within BuildAR itself. BuildAR does not support video recording, but you can easily use a separate program such as CamStudio or Fraps to record what happens on the screen while you are using BuildAR.

How to create an animation model ive file?

To create an animated .ive file, one option is to use 3D Studio Max. You can export your scene directly to IVE by installing the OSGExp plugin available from here

What is the best animation format to export in BuildAR?

The best animation format are the .ive(the native file format for OpenSceneGraph) .osg and .fbx file formats. If you are using 3D Studio Max you can export your scene directly to IVE by installing OSGExp plugin available from here

Can 3D animation be controlled using the PC keyboard?

Currently there isn't support for keyboard interaction for controlling animation. Animations can be started and stopped when markers are detected, but not when keys are pressed. However this feature could be added in the future.

How to disable the HIT Lab NZ logo at the right bottom corner on the screen?

To disable the logo, click on "Scene" in the tree on the left hand side of the interface. It's the root element. A small configuration panel will appear in the bottom left where you can enable/disable the logo, or select an alternative logo. The settings here are per-scene, meaning you can select a different logo for each scene, or whether the scene shows a logo at all.

Can I use a camcorder with BuildAR?

Not currently, but we are working on this.

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