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BuildAR Pro 2 Image-based Tracking Demo video

06th May 2011 (0 Comments)

BuildAR Team made a sample AR scene that BuildAR users can feel how easy to distribute their AR scenes to customers.

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BuildAR Showcase result released

28th April 2011 (0 Comments)

Over the last two months the HIT Lab NZ has been running a competition to see who could develop the best Educational AR application with its BuildAR software. BuildAR is easy to use software that allows non-programmers to build AR scenes, and is becoming widely used, especially for education and marketing.

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BuildAR Pro 2 is ready NOW!

15th April 2011 (0 Comments)

We are happy to announce that the BuildAR Pro 2 software is ready for
you to download now.
We have updated a new version of BuildAR viewer as well.

Please try the demo version first to see whether our product suits
your need before you purchase.
Click here to see our payment option.

The BuildAR Competition winner will be announced on our website on the
19th April 2011.

We hope you enjoy BuildAR Pro 2.

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BuildAR Pro 2 is just around the corner!

14th April 2011 (0 Comments)

As you have noticed, the BuildAR website has been updated with BuildAR Pro 2 release. However, BuildAR Pro team is currently working on finalising the software. It will be ready by the end of this week. We’ll inform you through our mailing list with any updates.

We have uploaded the BuildAR Pro 2 tutorial video, please check it out!

Please be advised that we have currently disabled the BuildAR Forum. A new forum system is on its way to support BuildAR customers in short time. Please refer to our FAQ page for questions.

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Upcoming BuildAR 2.0 Release

10th March 2011 (0 Comments)

A major new version of BuildAR was due to be released on March 14th. However, the BuildAR team is located at the HIT lab NZ in Christchurch, New Zealand, and due to the recent earthquake we need more time to finish the development and testing.

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