Tutorial Part 3

Tutorial contents:

The BuildAR Pro User Interface

The BuildAR Pro user interface follows the basic structure found in the original BuildAR: a large 3D view area, toolbar, and configuration side panel. The major difference in BuildAR Pro is that the side panel contains a much larger range of controls and configuration options. The various parts of the user interface are described below. Some of the functions that are mentioned will only make total sense once you encounter them in later tutorial sections.

The 3D view area is where you will see your augmented reality scene, and where you can edit it directly. When the editor is put into fullscreen mode, it is this part of the user interface that expands to take up the whole screen.

The toolbar provides quick access to commonly used functions.

The side panel is for scene construction and editing. It consists of a the scene tree and configuration panel. The scene tree displays the hierarchy of markers and content that make up the scene, as well as providing access to video, tracker and general scene settings. The configuration panel shows settings for the currently selected item in the scene tree.

Toolbar Buttons

New Scene Clears the current scene by removing all the markers and models.
Open Scene Loads a previously saved AR scene from an XML file.
Save Scene Saves the current AR scene to an XML file.
Add Marker Adds a marker to the current scene.
Marker Training This button activates marker training mode. In marker training mode, the live AR view can be
used to directly capture and train markers.
Marker Generator The Marker Generator is a tool for creating pattern files and printouts from pictures.
Side Panel Shows and hides the side panel. When the side panel is hidden, the AR view occupies the whole BuildAR Pro window.
Fullscreen Switches BuildAR Pro into fullscreen mode where the AR view takes up the whole screen.
To exit from fullscreen mode, press the escape key.
3D View This button switches between the AR view and a simple virtual 3D view.
Translate Switches the transformation widget on the currently selected model to translation mode.
Rotate Switches the transformation widget on the currently selected model to rotation mode.
Scale Switches the transformation widget on the currently selected model to scale mode.
Screenshot Takes a screenshot image of the current AR view and saves it in the screenshots directory.
Screenshot Directory Opens the folder where screenshots are stored using Windows Explorer.
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