Distributing AR scene

BuildAR Pro has a simple AR scene distributing solution.

When you save your AR scene, your_scene_name.scn_launcher.bat file will be created next to .scn file automatically. If the user installed BuildAR Viewer(Only works with BuildAR Viewer 2.1.1 onwards) in their computer already, “your_scene_name.scn_launcher.bat file” will launch your AR scene in full screen mode.

Important!: You have to make sure the user has all the scene related files such as 3D model file, texture file, image or video file whatever used in creating your AR scene.

However, if the user has more than one camera, the launcher will play the scene with the first camera it detects.

To control your camera and AR scene resolution, you can still double click .scn file and it will launch AR scene with camera & resolution control bar on the left hand side.

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