Free Tutorial Part 4

Tutorial contents:

BuildAR Walkthrough

This tutorial content relates to the free version of BuildAR

Generating Patterns in BuildAR

To generate your own custom marker pattern, pull down the tools menu, and choose generate pattern. The AR Pattern Generator window will open.
Open the BITMAP file that you’ve created before and load it into window.
Save the file, using any file name you like, and print the marker.

The to add the new marker to the scene tree, click the button ‘add marker’ on the toolbar, and open the marker file that you’ve saved. You will now see the new marker pattern in the scene tree, ready to have an object attached to it.

Loading Models onto Markers

To load a model onto a marker in the Scene Tree, double Click the plus sign next to the marker. This will expand to in the scene to show the name of the 3D model below the marker name. Double click on the 3D model and open the 3D model that you want to be displayed. You will now see the 3D model in the live view on top of the marker.

Moving, Rotating and Scaling Models

In BuildAR you can translate, rotate or scale the 3D models relative to the marker patterns they are on. In order to manipulate the 3D model, you can use the manipulation control and type the position manually or click on the 3D objects and choose the manipulation control from the buttons on the toolbar. On the toolbar there are buttons for translation, rotating and scaling. Clicking on a these buttons after clicking on a model in the AR view will bring up a virtual controller on the model that can be used to manipulate the model.

Saving and Loading the Augmented Reality Scene

After you have finished creating the scene, you can save the current scene that you’ve created using the save icon on the toolbar. Previously saved scenes can also be loaded and viewed or edited.

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