Free Tutorial Part 2

Tutorial contents:

Creating Markers and 3D Models

This tutorial content relates to the free version of BuildAR

AR Markers

BuildAR uses printed square markers to create the AR scene. Markers can be easily created in a graphics package and printed out, or even created by hand (such as using adhesive-backed felt).

The printed marker should be a black square like that shown below with a distinct image in the middle. There should be a large enough white border around the square so that the BuildAR software can recognize the square. The image in the middle of the square can be in colour or black and white, but should be saved as a 16 colour bitmap file for use by BuildAR.

3D Objects

BuildAR can load 3D models in a variety of file formats. The recommended format is .ive, the native file format for OpenSceneGraph.

If you are using 3D Studio Max you can export your scene directly to IVE by installing OSGExp plugin.

Other supported file formats include:

  • 3DS (3D Studio file)
  • LWO (Lightwave)
  • OBJ (Wavefront Object)
  • STL (Stereolithography)
  • FLT (OpenFlight)

However, the quality of the importers for these other formats varies. Sometimes the displayed models have strange normal vectors, missing textures and lost animations. Typically you will simply need to try and discover which format works well with your choice of 3D models and modeling tools.

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