Free Tutorial Part 1

Tutorial contents:

Installing BuildAR

This tutorial content relates to the free version of BuildAR

Currently BuildAR is only available on the Windows platform. You will need a PC running Windows (XP, Vista or 7) to use BuildAR.

BuildAR requires a web-cam to generate the live video view. Ensure a web-cam is connected to your computer, and the necessary drivers are installed, before running BuildAR.

To create the augmented reality experience, BuildAR tracks physical markers and draws 3D graphics on top. Therefore, you need one or more markers to use BuildAR. Markers are easy to make – they are simply black and white squares with a pattern in the centre, and can be printed out on your printer. BuildAR comes with several sample patterns in the BuildAR/data/patterns/ directory. You should print out the pattHiro.pdf and pattKanji.pdf files.

To set up the BuildAR software use the following steps:

  1. Download BuildAR from BuildAR Installer1.1 exe(7.11MB)
  2. Run the setup file
  3. Agree to the term and conditions
  4. Install the software
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