BuildAR Free Version Tutorial

Note: This is the free version of BuildAR. Are you looking for BuildAR Pro?

Download BuildAR Free version for Windows XP and later: BuildAR Installer 1.1.exe (7.11MB)

The tutorial content is also available as a single PDF.

Tutorial content for BuildAR Free version:

In 2008, HIT Lab NZ released the initial version of BuildAR, which provides the basic functionality required to construct augmented reality scenes. You can load a single 3D model onto each marker, and arrange the models using the graphical editing tools or the simple user interface. This version of BuildAR has continues to be free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, or to take advantage of an updated feature set, check out BuildAR Pro.

The original BuildAR has been widely used by AR enthusiasts, students and educators, as well as a tool for quickly prototyping commercial and industrial ideas. During the past few years,the HIT Lab NZ has used BuildAR as part of its Kids Fest activities. The HIT Lab in Tasmania has used it as part of an undergraduate course on virtual and augmented reality user interfaces.

While development of the original BuildAR software has ceased in favour of developing BuildAR Pro, you can still download it for free and view tutorial content.

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