1st BuildAR Competition Winner

21st April 2011 (0 Comments)

Augmented Reality Stirling Engine
By Sebastian Kerner

Download AR scene material

He is 24 years old living in Germany, Wismar and currently enrolled as an industrial design student at the University of Sciences, Technology Business and Design. He loves to draw, take pictures or make CGI scenes and videos. He is interested in all sorts of things from building robots, drones and exploring new technologies such as Augmented Reality!.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Basti2712, http://www.youtube.com/user/SebastianKerner
BuildAR Free version
cinema4d : http://www.maxon.net/

The augmented reality scene consists of 4 markers, which represent a Stirling engine in four states. Static, dynamic, a labelled version and one which explains how the engine works.

Author comments:
Lately I saw all this fancy augmented reality related videos on YouTube and was fascinated by them. That is why I wanted to try it for myself, unfortunately i didn´t know how to program at all. After some research I found out about BuildAR, and the contest as source of motivation to learn something new.

I tried it and after some clicks I had the first AR scene ready to go. It took me two days to finish the project.
The making process was pretty straight forward so I had no difficulties. It was really easy even for me who had no experience with Augmented Reality or BuildAR itself. That is why I feel greatly rewarded to be the winner of this competition, not only because of the prize itself but rather the new experience and knowledge I earned during the making process. I´m looking forward to make some new scenes with the full Version of BuildAR Pro 2.

Reviewer comments:
This work has shown very high quality, excellent AR scene in every aspect, and shows how far it can go with building AR products using the BuildAR software. Not only having high quality 3D models and animations, describing how a Stirling engine works, it even comes up with well designed physical props and packaging.
The author seems has gone into every aspect of designing user experience of this AR application, making it complete enough to be sold in the market as a product.

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